Precision and Efficiency from Molecule to Market

OEP offers support for every phase of drug development, from molecule discovery to market distribution. All of our services are in-house, allowing us to ensure accountability and efficiency at every stage.


R&D Support
  • From molecule discovery to formulation design, OEP can help get your compound from the lab to the public in a safe, effective form. Partners rely on us for: 
    - financing 
    - managing clinical trials
    - developing and perfecting dosage and delivery forms
  • Innovative platforms – such as Multi-Phasic Release Technology (MPRT), Multi-Day Transdermal Drug Delivery (MTDD), Zero Order Release Technology (including OROS and PROS), and Nanoparticle Micellar Delivery Technology – enable us to optimize dosage forms and delivery methods with the highest precision and efficiency.
  • Two best-in-class facilities, one dedicated to oral drugs (USFDA-certified) and one focused on injectables (USFDA certification expected early 2021)
  • All products are made in Taiwan, a Trade Agreement Act (TAA) compliant country; we are one of the countries outside of the U.S. that can sell to the U.S. government
  • Ample production capacity
  • Focus on modified release orals, and cytotoxic injectables
  • Flexible production timeline, phase-specific batch sizes, and customizable formulation design processes to meet unique needs
  • Meticulous on-site quality control teams 
CMO/CDMO Services
  • Oral dosage and injectable manufacturing 
  • Analytical method development and validation
  • Clinical trial management
  • Quality control, and compendial testing (USP, BP, EP, JP) to ensure the highest product quality and compliance with international safety standards
  • DSCA serialization track & trace requirements
Commercialization in Asia & the Pacific region
  • Commercial partner of choice for global companies, such as Pierre Fabre and Sanofi’s Rhône-Poulenc
  • Established presence and proven sales record in Taiwan, Hong Kong (PRC), Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Myanmar
  • Expansion to Australia and New Zealand to be completed in 2021
  • Local 350+-person sales teams navigate licensing regulations, and diverse languages and customs, bringing treatments to people who need them.